Product Designer


Simplifying the complicated,

solving design problems, and

drinking lots of fresh coffee.

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Hi, I’m Marivi!

My experience immigrating to America taught me that approaching experiences with open curiosity accelerates the path to learning, sharing and communicating with those around me. As a designer, I am constantly learning; I approach my work collaboratively, always striving to iterate quickly, communicate openly, designing thoroughly and with true passion for my craft.

I’m currently working at The Zebra in Austin, Texas. I love the flexibility of digital interactions, solving design problems and simplifying design, by creating efficient and easy to follow design systems. I aim to merge both business initiatives and empathetic experiences in my designs. I focused on brand and marketing design for the past 6 years and now I’m using those skills to create unique product experiences.

On my free time I like to work on my artsy/crafty side. Check out Media Luna Market for some embroidered jewelry.